• barb1_ 5w


    Hey, love

    Yesterday when you came I was totally shaken with happiness.
    Thank you for all care and love which you put into our unnamed relationship. And, honestly there is nothing more than you that I could ask for in my life. Having you in my life reminds me of how lucky I really am. In one line, I can't imagine my life without you.
    I appreciate you so much and with each passing day my love and respect for you grows even more.
    Babyboy, I don't know how far we will go. But I promise to always stay loyal to you and keep things clear between us. And in case you ever have a doubt about anything then do let me know. Communication is the key, you know!
    And a bond as amazing as such deserves to grow, right?
    I soooo want to see and live more days with you. Go on adventures, explore and discover new things about you, create more memories to laugh or cry on and the list never comes to an end.
    I hope this little message brings my favorite smile on your face.
    Oh boy! You are amazing!
    And everyday is a new step to an even more amazing 'us'.