• official_pen_knight 9w

    Pray (the journey).

    I had to leave home since my primary education.
    Did the same for my secondary education.
    Leaving home does not take an intuition.
    Its almost 4years the penultimate journey is almost done.
    Momma always telling me make me proud son.
    Last time I was home Alake has really grown too.
    I remembered the little girl that cried when its time for school.
    The perfect picture I painted of this family mustn't be ruined.
    The next journey is in motion.
    Papa told me to take a rest.
    I have to leave home to feed home.
    This journey might be my last most likely leads me to the catacombs.
    I am leaving father even if my prodigy has to turn prodigal.
    This is my rebirth through fire.
    My resolve set in stone.
    My determination came from my bone.
    Pray for me as you have always done.
    Protect the family just for a little more, I will take the steering real soon.