• reemah_abdel 5w

    Let's Play 20 Questions

    How do you know when you've found love?
    Does your heart beat, erratic against your chest;
    Or does it stop to breathe, suspended in time?
    Do moments together feel like a million years;
    Or do they fly by in fleeting whispers?
    Does your mind gain the clarity of a sunny day;
    Or does it become squishy as mush?
    Does love taste heady like old wine;
    Or is it the sweetness of fruit juice?
    Does it give you strength;
    Or does it turn your limbs to melting rubber?
    Does its wonders keep you awake;
    Or does it, peaceful, lull you into deep sleep?
    Is love the Sahara,
    Stripping off layers of defenses with its warmth;
    Or is it Antarctica,
    Snuffing out the inferno that burns within you?
    Does it change you,
    Moulding like a seasoned potter;
    Or does it keep you as you are,
    Hailing you a wonderful masterpiece?
    Is it the whirlwind sweeping you off your feet;
    Or is it the gentle breeze slowly seeping through your pores?
    Does love make you strong;
    Or is love your weakness?
    Is love the chaos of war;
    Or is it the serenity of peace?