• leprmy 10w

    Missed It

    How I messed it
    In a moment of deceit
    I lost all i had in a fit
    How could I have forgot

    I was trusted with her heart
    Dreams, passions, future
    Promised to love and protect
    I cant even use the excuse of nature
    Why do i leave the best
    Why do I have to settle for lust
    That will only a moment last

    All the time
    All the memories shared
    All the promises made
    All the love given and gave
    All of that, just like that, wasted

    Do I get paid to be a fool?
    Do I pay my self to be a fool?
    Do I deliberately dive into foolishness?
    Do I attract what I reject
    and reject what attracts me?
    Do I forget to remember?
    Only to remember what I've lost?

    Sad in deed, the nature in me
    Sad in deed that I can't say No to me
    Sad in deed, that faithful, I can't be
    Sad in deed, a prisoner of lust
    Sad in deed that I've become a crook
    Sad in deed, I seem to have shot myself in the foot.

    Wait, let me take you to the past.
    When did it all start
    The day I buried self control
    Oh how the moral government fell
    Slithering, lies and deceit
    With this shovel I dig my own pit.

    Irresponsibility meet indulgences who is the cousin of insecurity, who is
    Friends with poverty, who is
    Related to consequences, who is
    A brother of pain, who is
    In cahoots with suffering, who is
    Definitely agreeing with regret.