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    Untitle 49 ~

    Wake up from sleeping!
    Did you have sweet dreams?

    Or were you 'slipping'...
    into nightmares; let out screams?


    The sun shone...
    a bright sunshine

    What time is shown?
    Well, rise and shine!


    Feel the morning breeze
    How soft the wind blow

    Not too cold; you won't freeze
    As the temperature isn't low


    Make a sandwich with salad
    Or a toast with peanuts

    Eat breakfast; listen to ballad
    Let the mind roam; go nuts!


    Drink up the milkshakes
    Or any fresh fruit juices

    Don't let any pressure 'shakes'...
    you; pick-up thy scattered 'pieces'


    When you feel so languish,
    too weak to do anything;

    Don't let it vanquish...
    you; Must do something!


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    * #poetrywednesday #challenge by
    @mirakee #mirakee (2 weeks ago)

    * For the challenge, must use these words:

    #sunshine #nuts #languish
    #breeze #salad #milkshakes #Dreams

    * Languish: grow weak

    * Vanquish: defeat thoroughly

    * Ballad: a slow sentimental or romance song

    * Thy (archaic): your

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    Untitle 48 ~

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