• twexel 35w

    Your war is on-

    But you forgot your battles cry.
    You chained yourself up
    And forgot the sky.
    The pain! The pain!
    You wail, you sigh.
    This girl has forgotten to fly.

    So hands come to lift
    The weight,
    But the ones in your brain-
    They stay the same
    And you forgot to open the gate.

    You fret when the sun
    So much as
    Touches your feet.
    You fear the thought of
    Familiar faces asking questions-
    That- you- can't- even- ask- yourself.
    Your afraid of doing what you love.

    You treat reality
    Like one treats there skeletons
    In a closet.
    You would rather live
    In a world of fantasy-
    Where you could watch, and wait, and listen.

    You don't see
    The gray little cloud that's
    Tearing you down.