• xyl_ayvlis 36w

    I realised later, for fate, I'm just like a fine dust
    No settlement, falling, falling, it's hard to accept reality
    Falling far from sky but not a rain, not a life giver, mere
    A rover, now I call myself, falling beauty
    I wrote it as continuity of my previous post.
    #falling @writersnetwork #dust #beauty

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    Falling beauty

    A rover, now I call myself, falling beauty
    I found beauty of falling, No one could
    Change my destiny, all predestined, no gravity
    Pull me down, I never settle in one place,
    Itinerant, I fall but would not kiss the earth,
    A rover, a dust, roam all around the earth,
    The universe; A part of galaxy, one fine day, Maybe I'm would become the earth, who know, all destined
    Lives live love inside inanimate dusty; me
    Falling beauty, falls with pleasure to become a star
    Or to be a mother earth, else to be a life force
    I'm a falling beauty, celestial body of universe