• ejiroace 26w

    ThE pIaNo GiRl

    Her eyes closed
    Her joints loosed
    Fingers on the keys
    Melodies sift through her brain
    Then she begins to play
    The tune that wins my heart...

    But dance I would not
    For I heard such a tune a time before
    So tho I'm filled with desire
    My soul burns as with fire
    Such a flame I keep in check
    As I'm reminded by the voices in my head

    I yearn for her
    But will move no muscle
    Feel the need to call out her name
    But will keep my voice subtle
    Envision her in my future
    But the past is ahead
    One more slip
    And I might end up dead

    The lady on the piano
    Fingering and accent so precise
    Soft rhythm brings tears to my eyes
    I can't... I just can't
    You're one of them
    You're not worth it.