• _sanely_liberal_ 10w


    Would you believe or would I not?
    The fierce lady got me along, with ugly truth and bitter lies, what'd you choose and why?
    Look me in the eye she said shouldn't you be scared about your future or should I scare you with your past she said...
    What choice would you make?
    Run away or stay to see. Lost in a maze of life somewhere in the dark the only ray of light could take me to my destiny.
    There should've been a super power like flying so that I could come up and just find my way through the path followed by the ray of light!
    Take me back to where I was I screamed out loud and I was awaken from the dream!
    So much is there to cherish in life and so much more yet to be! Seize the moment they say.
    I learnt why should I and why should all we ? !