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    He not only broke her spine
    He broke her spirits
    She can still feel his dirty hands creeping inside
    She was too shocked to react
    Her Mind went numb
    Her Heart was thumping wild
    And she was crying alone in fright
    When he roll out her name from his horrible lips
    It feels acid churn her inside
    But she have no other way all she can do is pretend being happy and fine
    And fake a beautiful laugh hiding behind her agonizing smile
    She desperately want to erase images of those stormy morning that has brought darkness of night in her life
    She was small, naive, gullible and delicate crushed by the irony of her horrendous fate
    Panic? Anxiety? They are small words to describe her state
    Whenever she close her eyes a movie is played
    Sweat drip down her body
    Tears stain her face
    Wait!! What are those noises?
    Is this her voice she desperately wanted to make
    Scratching her own self she cry herself to sleep at night
    With a constant fear will he come back again?
    She see her mother showering him with utmost love and care her inside screams to her
    STOP!! He is a murderer of her daughter, her innocent child!
    She can't fathom in words the never ending pain she felt that time
    She is still fighting a war with her heart and mind to forget the past that has ruined her present and going to destroy her future with his claws that had once ripped her everything in pieces
    His stinking breathe still stuck in her head
    And brought chills down her spine!

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