• maxwel 9w


    They think they're hustlers
    We have a home but we still living on the street
    Telling people your story will only earn you sympathy
    No self respect you lose your dignity
    We smile outside but living a dead dream inside
    You might think a jaguar shows no mercy on its prey but inside it has a heart of a mother on its family
    F**k niggers always want a ride
    See those b**hs admiring ur tatts and not seeing the scars inside
    They greet you with open arms but you are just a trash in their mail spam
    They compare me to God that I'm all knowing
    Do I worship myself then b**hs ass nigger?
    I may have a brain strategy but I have a heart to make no enemy
    Y'all thinking you are Martin Luther and Mandela
    But you ain't God to make no mistakes.