• masheke 5w

    It's been centuries since we met the sea. Sooner have we touched the moon. From the cauch in my living room i have witnessed the stars swim. When i wasn't looking i saw everything I needed to heal. To calm myself down to a hip of dust so I can be remoulded into plain. When i can reassemble my memories into a page. Swear not to hold on to things I can't hold. Stay on the ground.

    My heart breaks into tunes too distinct, too random. My brain breaks walls of silence. I stand in the norms like water in a lake; yerning to cool more grouds that have burned from the sun's rage.

    It's in me.that lake resides in me. It has fused itself inside of me to keep me from escaping. Suppressing my covet for deeper waters. I like it. It holds my dreams and my wings and my fins. It is not satisfaction but a trail to emptiness that keeps my valves on their keys

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