• vicious_fellow 10w

    On the windy night of the cold
    There was a girl alone
    No one to speak to
    No one to listen to

    Just sounds of hush and rush
    Sounds like howl and growl
    Echoing all the time

    She is scared and feels pounding
    Just like this windy night
    She is all alone inside
    So started singing with a rhyme

    Some sounds of walking people around
    And she got freeze with fear
    Feeling no way to be calm
    She remembers the holding arm

    She called him on a telephone
    Told him feeling how lone
    He promised to be there
    But even after a hour
    He was no where

    Heart is pounding hard
    Breath is getting apart
    Alone and scared she was
    Weeping over time it was

    Loosing the faith
    Rousing to hate
    Accumulating feeling of death
    Thoughts stinking like heck

    Finding her true self was in need
    And she did the same indeed
    Sitting in the corner she cried
    And at same corner she decides

    It's all has to be end
    It's the time to mend

    Ah she did the same
    And won the game
    Game of fight against self odds
    Fight against this all colds

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