• viktor_kingscrown 5w


    I held it all in but it was like fire down my throat.
    I kept counting the number of times I was treated unfairly.
    Which distorted my sense of reasoning,
    Like a blindfold over my eyes,
    I didn't see the good plus the right done to me,
    Only the wrong and unfairness which filled me,
    Feeling no Love accorded to Me,
    My heart clogged triggering despise for those I Love,
    But now I see the truth as clear as dawn,
    Just like the clouds in the sky,
    They once existed, but they would inevitably dissipate with time.
    Just like what you said,
    No one can guarantee how long these emotions will last,
    Perhaps I know they’ll slowly fade away at some point like snow.
    I can't guarantee we won't have differences,
    All I know is that we will tread on a greater path of Love and Trust.
    Love is Kind but we most times Forget that it's also Patient.