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    This was trash but I had already written a lot of it so I just decided to post it.

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    The blues

    A man was minding his own business when he saw a man in a blue coat. The reason this particular man caught his attention in a place filled with people was because of how blue he was. The man had a blue hat, a blue coat, blue pants, and blue shoes. Another very odd thing the man didn't realize at the time was that he was standing still even though it was a crosswalk. This disturbed the man, but he carried on with his day.

    The man, Cody, shut the door from his car and began walking across his front yard. Cody opened the door and sat on his bouncy brown couch. The room was silent and cold. He reached for the remote where he always kept it. But, With a frown of disappointment he retreated his hand from the empty spot and looked around. That's when the man saw something In the corner of his eye: something appreared to be blue. The man felt that something was horribly wrong despite turning back and not looking completely in back if him. He froze. Then he stood up and walked out of the door, not looking behind him. He was just about to reach the door when he heard something that chilled his very bones.
    He heard random threads of words and sentences that didn't make sense; they almost didn't even sound like words. The man finally turned the knob of the door. Before he crossed to the other side, he heard some words that made sense to him, "leaaveinggd oowilll kisll u u u so youu".