• thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 5w

    Show me something I ain't seen before

    Like Sizzurp rain on the he lips on Ritchie Valenz while he sniff the blow

    Hollywood dreamxx more explicit than what u ever seen before

    Suicidal tendencies but he ain't nothing like a E.M.O

    More like the Mexican backward Ǝ u know

    Grooving to a beat that's slow

    Moving thru the streets real low

    Fluent in the speech of goats

    Thru winds and the fist of foes

    He continues chewing them out like a chicken bone

    But u.o.e.n.o

    Brew blow weed and hoes

    How Tune mold the N.O

    Ima cook slow the H so

    Call me the needle in the haystack or simply just the 2 dope needle poke