• kraw_1995 5w


    Soft lips singing crooked words in my ear
    The harmony can’t be ignored
    Reality falls behind while fantasy draws near
    Vibrations through a pond of multicolored flower pedals
    Fireworks dancing in a dark sky
    I used to be shy
    Tonight I throw myself over a blurry edge
    But I won’t die
    Floating above clouds that are mine
    Every curve of my body, mind, and soul defined
    Sweet flavored water runs as I drink
    It runs gentle and smooth like wine
    The birds draw circles around me
    I am one with them....and one of them
    We feel the vibrations of the pond
    We dance with fireworks
    We will soar over any edge without hesitation
    The clouds belong to us
    We drink from the sweetest seed of the fruit
    One with the land and beauty that rests upon it