• hiyaorhiyu 9w



    Why to entertain someone in any way
    Who is try to make you feel low or worthless or similar feelings in any way
    The other worst feeling could be when you hears accep it and do it and give the person a silent slap
    Are you everything what the other person is telling you?
    No ofcourse
    Are you supposed to do everything what the other person is saying ?
    No ofcourse
    What i am trying to say
    Is if someone can't understand what could be reasons why you are/were like that
    Not even have genuine intentions to help you out in the best way for you
    And you are thinking about fulfilling the desire of that person
    Why to listen to that person
    Why to fulfill their desire
    Why to give them silent slap
    Why to give them any pleasure
    Why to entertain them in any way
    First think whether there is actual need or not
    Even if you feel there is a need
    Don't make their behaviour as a base
    Or don't keep the purpose of silent slapping the person
    Make the pure love towards yourself or to have a healthy relationship with yourself
    Should be the base
    Either they don't know purposely or out of lost consciousness
    That their behaviour might end in ruining someone's day or life may be
    Don't wait for them to heal themselves or to heal their behaviour
    Better to maintain distance
    And start healing yourself without having any distractions
    Because your life is important like anything
    And there is no substitute to it
    Except complementary like overall wellbeing and overall good health, happiness,peace and prosperity
    It's equally important to be alive both from inside and out