• coldsoul 5w

    To my world

    Being the silly child i happened to be when in school,
    I never knew i had a chance with you. You were just so perfect. Friendliness, compassion, ability to lighten moods in a place only contributed to making you more appealing. From the essence of your personality to the sincerity in maintaining bonds with complete regards to truthfulness, you already had me like you a lot. I might have changed like a lot in the recent years. But you , you were always this fantastically sweet human being. And you've only come to better yourself if that is even possible. You , my babygirl, are so very much precious to me. It would be an irreplaceable loss to anyone if they lost you. Now some people have and losing such an amazing person is indeed the most dreaded punishment karma could have given them. In the 9th grade , when i was informed about you being with etash, manh i just thought howw lucky he was.
    And how pathetic i was to believe you were single.
    In the junior college , i had my mind set on not stepping in any relationship and keep options open, for i lost interest very quickly in people and could not stand the fear of only belonging to one person. I wanted love to find itself to me on it's own.
    And you, you had me on board within a fraction of a second. That, that is how important you are to me. That is how important you have always been. There may be times when i won't be available or you won't, when we would argue or fight. But there never will be a day when i intentionally target something that ik would hurt you. And i can say that for very very few people. It makes me happy to be yours. It feels , heavenly. And i promise to always be there for you, be it as your significant other or your best friend. I will always have your back. Like you have mine. I love you. And these 6 months.. I know we did not meet once but still, this time felt amazing. Happy 6 month anniversary