• imagination 51w

    Her love story

    She had always been away from this thing.
    This thing called love.
    "It's complicated"
    This is what she used to say.
    But then once upon a time she did fell.
    no wait she raised.
    Raised in love.
    She didn't knew how.
    Or why?.
    But now she loved something so much.
    That she could have died for it.
    It was her words.
    That she raised with.
    And just shined.
    Like every love story.
    It is also a little complicated.
    Yet beautiful.
    So here goes a love story story of girl and the words.

    He was her best friend.
    Whenever she was sad.
    Or happy.
    Or mad.
    He always was there.

    Words gave her the rhythm .
    So that she could dance .
    Words gave her chance to express her self.
    And this was when she felt that amazing feeling.
    For the first time.
    And made a special bond.
    She knew it will her somewhere.
    And even more she had a fear to loose it one day.
    But she did choose her love.
    She even cried a lot.
    But you know what this relationship never let her down.
    It was always a bit different and more was beautiful.
    He was the one who never let her crown down.
    Crown of believe in him.
    That she never wants to loose .
    Her first love.
    And this was when another immortal love story was being written .