• bubblegumbum 50w

    Not as you think

    It's got nothing to-do with religion
    It's my experiences and lessons of my life that I have faith and believe in.
    I am more open minded because of them I understand with compassion an ear to listen does not make me weak or shy it's an ability that rarely exists now days
    I don't care if you judge me the world around me will still be the same
    Society's brainwashed in hopes they conform
    Thank god I have the sense and ability that only my faith has given me
    My footsteps are my own I do not compare I am not above or beneath
    I am not exempt from lessons good or bad wether right or wrong
    Im with and without
    Had much and less than little
    Pain has always sought my name
    But I know my heart is beyond this world I fight to the core if I had to
    But it's the peace and love and embracing the smallest of things I treasure the most
    Wholeness I've had a glimpse but as flesh is flesh the cycle continues everything must die in order to be born again
    The grace and mercy unconditional love that comes if you just be still long enough everyday meditate although I know well it's not easy I have seen the wonders in harmony
    Still while the rest chase the worldly idea of well cut diamonds and stones and perfectly shaped gold
    I have appreciated the less perfect and the crumbs left or not even considered are way more valuable than these
    The heart of it is in less fortunate the oppressed the weary the widowed the forgotten from the young to the old and the ones who can't speak for themselves the ones who are born mostly different and pushed to the side as if they should be ashamed when they had no chance to speak or change they may not even know they are different from the rest the shunned them away and told them they shouldn't be here you should be ashamed
    I'll tell you a secret that's where the biggest part of his heart lays the most precious jewel in the things created yet no one is willing to speak up for them blame it on god or the devil and make a mess of the beauty he intended you to see we make excuses and betray blaming other rather than taking responsibility admitting honestly all because of fear of losing
    we are carnal and carnal must die but the beauty of his spirit lasts forever I have seen it it is already in us and around us and that was the best lesson learned a gift I ever had that's why I wouldn't change me maybe I got lost and pain took over me but I yearn to see to have and to hold his eyes to see and his heart to hold he's perfect for me.