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    Title- My best friend, from the light whence I came
    Mother's day poem for my mother ....

    From thine womb didst I come,
    mother, best friend, all in one.
    For how we've gone thro the
    igneous pit, still were passing
    thro the furnace. Mother O' mother
    please don't cry, as I know the weight
    thou dost carry, at home and work. Soaking
    self in dishwater, slaving away; mother thou
    hath always given me more than I canst say.
    Taking care of dad, protecting me, we're both
    in-tuned spiritually. As thou hath been sick,
    with a tumor on thy back, something asap
    that needs looked at. Daily I canst seest thy
    spirits tired as mine, just a little longer mom
    we both shalt fly. Mother O' mother, all and
    friend of mine; soon we'll be in high peaks
    taking in heaven's golden streets. Hold on
    mine mother, mine sweet.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry
    Picture is mom holding me as a baby as my mom's sister one of two was born with pure black hair then hers turned blonde like my mom's is and her sisters same with me my mom dreamt me before was born she saw me in dream with black hair then came out black hair and I turned a towheaded blonde lolll.

    Word meanings-
    From which source or from what place
    Thine- your
    Didst- did
    Thro- through
    Dost- do
    Thou- you
    Hath- have
    Thy- your
    Canst- can
    Seest- see
    Mine- my

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