• blaqpen 6w

    If I die today I die alone
    What families owe me is mourn for a while and then move on
    Friends will only post my pictures saying touchy things and then move on.
    Bestie will only cry,think about our memories and then move on for good.
    Facebook,whatsapp and Instagram will miss me.
    My page will be dry.
    My phone will be filled with unread messages.
    And in a short time,the whole world will forget me.
    The world keep spinning with or without me.
    People will enjoy their lives with or without me.
    I have only got this one life to live.
    And it will be terrible on my path if I allow people to decide if I'm gonna be happy or allow myself not to be happy.
    No matter the problems I face now,
    I motivate myself and don't let anyone dictate for me.
    Live your real life.
    Stay humble
    Be kind for no reasons
    And most importantly
    Always smile
    Because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright!