• conrad_nn 5w

    We are not children of a lesser people

    We have been oppressed for long
    And we've been fed crumbs
    and have had dogs lick the sore on our skins.
    We've been brought up to think that we are
    nothing but servants in a banquet where
    We deserve to be nobles and kings.
    And some of us have fallen in love with
    The idea of being lesser beings so much
    Such that we repulse
    any form of liberation that might come.
    True there is an idea of supremacy that lurks
    On my oppressor's vest.
    I think it's time for us to let him know
    That being on top is a curse,
    rather than a privilege.
    We must keep striving, informing and educating
    And telling anyone who cares to listen that:
    We are not children of a lesser people.
    And so, we deserve not this injustice.