• the_lost_melody 5w

    How do you tell someone that it's hard to get out of bed
    with no desire to watch the outside world fall at your feet in ruins and ashes
    How do you tell someone that it has been so hard so damn hard for you to plait your hair everyday, stay clean when all you can do is lay with eyes open or closed numb
    How do you tell someone that you cry every moment no one is around you because it's insanity to act normal
    How do you tell someone songs are the last string holding you from falling down
    How do you tell someone that sometimes all you wish earnestly and desperately is not to be alive
    The space in your head is killing you slowly
    The failures are sinking gold waters
    because all they see is a ghost of what I used to be

    | m e l o d y |

    Please remember to be gentle when you see someone going through this. Sometimes your head and the world around is burning and all someone wants is a warm embrace, which doesn't hurt to know they can make it to the other side of blue skies and sunny towns // please remember .

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