• nitinsharma0 4w


    If you have watched gully boy, you saw how Muraad, a poor boy with family issues became a successful rap star. It’s just not in the movie as you know the movie is partly fictional. There are many instances which tell how there’s success only after failures.

    We all have lost ourselves in competing with others that we have lost the essence of life. Perhaps it’s not just our faults people glorifying this behaviour are mainly responsible for all this.

    You have a passion so that you could feel good about yourself, your life! It’s not merely the means to gain popularity. Start respecting your talents and work hard upon them.
    It’s because of your thinking that you feel inferior from others. We all are equally talented, it’s just different people have different perspectives. If you feel inadequate, you have to work hard and you have to compete with yourself.

    You have to start enjoy this process, don’t indulge in something just to impress others. Do it for yourself, for your self esteem!

    Persistent rejections or failures make you strong, they do not aim to pull you down and if you accept yourself the way you are, not a single rejection should matter to you.

    The thing is we live only once so we shouldn’t spoil this beautiful journey by being grumpy, anxious and glum. We should tell ourselves how incredibly strong we all are, how we’re all beautiful. You’re breathing right now, safe and sound. Isn’t that a great achievement in itself? Make the most out of this life and stay happy.