• guesswho 6w


    Look at us!
    Are you proud of us?
    Are you proud
    Of how
    We've grown
    This far?

    How melted
    We are?
    How you just can't
    Get helped further?

    Can't you see
    That I belong
    We're meant to stay
    Together -

    Just leave me
    Alone! I need to - /

    Be quiet
    And don't say a word!
    Or else
    I will tell you
    Exactly what you're worth...
    And we do not want that,
    Now do we? So don't,
    Interrupt while I'm speaking -
    You stupid, lil' jerk.

    Now, listen to me -
    And mark my words -
    Nobody loves you,
    You are not worth
    A mentioning of your
    First name -
    Let alone your last as well.

    I see you're tired -
    Of me -
    Your mind.
    Try to escape
    What's deep inside.
    How dumb!
    How foolish
    You just are!
    Can try to run -
    But won't run far.

    Because I will
    Always be there
    For you whenever
    You are glad -
    I will always somehow
    Make sure
    That happiness
    You can't endure.

    But don't you love me?
    I know you do!
    That is so great!
    I love you too!
    I kiss your soul
    With my dark lips
    And with your tears
    You kiss my kiss.

    As said before
    I'll never leave
    And even if -
    I know you'll grieve.

    'Cause without me -
    You're all alone.
    'Cause all your friends
    Will leave your soul.

    And I will promise
    You one day -
    You'll beg and plead
    "Oh, please come back!"

    And I will certainly
    Return -
    With doubt,
    With hate,
    Your soul -
    Will burn.