• mean_dering_scribbler 9w

    What do I explain to you,wiithout you my heart is nowhere.As if my heart and mind isn't into anything,I'm unable to concentrate on anything.The journey of my eyes stops on reaching you.I sleep the sleep of your eyes.
    The day I don't see you,I roam like mad.
    Your smiles are my strength.My life is from your heartbeats.Your voice is that which is in my heart.What a unique bond it is,that you and my life has become one.When my fingers will draw heart in the sand, it will call your name,while moving and tinkling.Whether I leave or not you will always live in me.You are my star on a dark night,you're my hope when all is black.For you I may be just one person but for me you're my world.And today I want to confess you that whether you love me or not but I will always love you whole-heartedly.So when I breathe my last,please come in my dreams and fill me with your love.......