• anamika17 6w

    A Time of Mine

    Oh! Time,My Time
    I want you,as mine.
    A time of my own,
    Left everything to disown.
    A time of my name,
    A time for my fame.
    Time! I want you to tame,
    No more excuses lame.
    My time to waste,
    My time to utilize.
    No more questions to raise.
    I need you, please be mine.
    Not forever, but for some time.
    You've shown your grace.
    Now, it's my time to look fresh.
    Just while away the time,
    Most awaited choice of mine.
    No boundations or limitations,
    Free time,my time.
    No workload,no hurry.
    Only to rejoice ,not to worry.
    No anguish to feel sorry.
    I'll make you stop and freeze
    Let me enjoy some fresh breeze.
    Staring at you, want to dissolve,
    In your cosy arms and start to evolve.
    A time to glow,a time to groom,
    A time to grow ,a time to bloom.
    A time to stay high above the mountains,
    A time to flow with the speedy fountains.
    Twenty four into seven, I feel like heaven.