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    ~Jotting down a thought series or short stories you may say.. this is part 1 of many~
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    Right now

    10: 34 pm
    Right now we both we sneak into our rooms and stare at each others phone's to capture all the happiness that flows out of our faces as we talk. Right now we both would be talking about how our day went by, good or bad we just heard each other's recap of what happened in our lives. Right now we both would be sneakily capturing screenshots even though I would always catch you red- handed. Right now you would be complimenting the way my messy hair bounces or the way how my tired eyes look and I would say stop but you never would. Right now I would have thought if today I could finally reveal it to him that I not only just liked him, but I had more to add on to that. Right now all I wish is, to go back to those long distance video calls and say , "I loved you like I did since the day we met."