• shalupar 10w

    No words were spoken

    The stars twinkled upon the night sky
    As a soft breeze swished around them.
    They were both sprawled on the grass
    With her head resting on his thighs.

    He stroked her hair softly, loving the silky strands between his fingers.
    She was drawing random patterns on his hand resting around her.
    No words were spoken.

    She glanced up at him
    He was already looking at her.
    The look he gave her almost made her breathe halter.
    His piercing gaze roamed around her face
    As if committing each and every single tiny detail into his memory.
    As if she was the very air he needed to stay alive.

    His eyes were brimming with so much emotions
    But the most predominant emotion that was glaring beautifully was
    Unconditional love.

    As she understood what he wished to say without verbalizing.
    Her eyes lit up with reciprocating emotion
    As her lips stretched widely to form a beautiful shy smile only reserved for him.

    She curled up into him further as he held her more closely and tightly.
    No words were spoken as
    They gazed at the stars together
    Knowing that she is his
    And he is hers