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    She no longer wants to be the one to hold on something that was not hers,
    She no longer wants to be the giver in the relationship when there was always a choice she had,
    She no longer wishes to cherish him as he truly was one beside her always but the fact is he never was there for her,
    She no longer wants to carve for his touch on lonely nights when she had the choice to just leave and go for someone else.
    She longer wants dare for him be his support pillow when all he barely wanted was an existence as moral support,
    She no longer wants to be one to cry for the one who was always just using her for his own inducements,
    She knew that walking away was going to fight with her heart and mind, but that was the last thing that could actually define her lost identity.
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    Want no more...

    Sometimes the longer you stay in a shallow relationship,
    People take you for granted, the journey to self-respect matters the most rather than the broken unvalued heart.
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