• veloc1ty_ 6w

    i have an old habbit of sleeping off my misery, to pass it onto the future self coz I'm too afraid to bear it. but it keeps on piling and gets ready to welcome me with a crooked smile after I've come out of the temporary escape. it hits like a truck going 60 miles per hour on an open highway. destroys every part of me until there's nothing left to see.

    but it's just the start,as i gain my consciousness , my body starts sewing itself up and prepares me for the next round. its the voices this time, they are back from a vacation and they're looking to have some fun tonight. someone might have tipped them off.

    my head hurts from an unexpected sleep at an unearthly hour but not as much as my broken hand which is hanging at the mercy of my flesh, keeping the bones at place. every fiber of me aches for an escape from what it seems like an aoens of suffering.

    winter didn't feel like winter until tonight where every atom of my worthless body shivers from cold inside out, yet some parts burn with the same intensity, its funny how that coexists in a damp place like my body.
    my palms are cold but not as cold as the left part of my chest.my head feels heavy but not as heavy as the anchor which rests on my heart. it keeps forcing out blood out of that place. the physical pain is just a fraction to what the mental suffering has got to offer.

    after all this, i think sleeping it off was a really bad idea, since its gonna be a long night tonight and it is waiting with a cleaver in its hands ready to cleave me into half as soon as i cry out a silent shout. its me versus the voices, pay per view. i might walk out of it alive but im really not looking forward to that. i hope i dont make it out this time, i can only go through something like this once. the voices aren't gonna stop until they completely silence out the one that speaks for me.

    but hey, dont feel bad for me, i knew i had it coming :)

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