• rodney 5w


    Give me depth to our conversations.
    Let's talk about institutions.
    With no comma pausing our sentences.
    I need some fact based relevance in our conversations.

    World's become, too damn normal for me to function.
    Feels like, coffee beans flavour has become furthermore fake in my decoction.
    Let's talk about the grief behind women practicing professional prostitution.
    About a man convicted of unspoken altercation.

    I need more realness in a world filled with lies.
    Product ads making your natural physique, feel insecure.
    Pharmaceutical company's, indebted patients departure.
    CEOs monthly 6 digit figures.
    Cult assassins killing the writers on rebellious, fearless ventures.

    What's fed are lies, dressed with truth by LIVE press.
    One report sold to the highest bidder is one amongst a million mess.

    What is truth, is confused by many.
    Money is the root of everything greedy.

    One, two and three.
    If its power, everybody's ready.

    Poverty with no water or shelter is not easy.
    The rich have enough to feed 3 generations yet the poor are known to be “lazy” ?

    Life's not been easy.

    Fakeness runs longer, faster.
    Realness is hulmiliated, a mile further.

    Humans live in harmony with neither of the living beings.
    There's so much more than the capacity of words' written here, to navigate the most inhumane findings.

    Heart's will, be gifted with good tidings.
    Shot 10 times but survived a 100, living life gaming.

    This world will never change.
    And, I will never stop trying until there's a chance.

    Hope on the deceptive.
    Even if I'm left by myself, I'll move propulsive.
    Fight along with the people, living submissive.