• mlisaaa 6w

    I know you would never take the blames
    For the scars you gave,
    Or the roads I took ,you once dreamed to pave.
    My musings are no more deep to you,
    So are my unread letters to you.
    The times I lost my soul to you,
    Just in quest to find it boomy with you.
    The light of my love wanted you to flourish,
    Wait! That couldn't make your warmth nourish.
    They say healings are linear,
    But what soothes are your troughs that led me here.
    Thoughts of unloving are better disguised,
    Under coats of estrangement you never realised.
    And there you say it's all about efforts,honey,
    Shouldn't they be equal for an effortless journey.