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    I don't know this one is making any sense or not ... Pardon me for any mistakes and you may suggest anything

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    Everything you said was a lie!
    Yeah, that was dulcet then
    When unknowingly you were everything to me.
    Maybe i was blind to see those lies or, 
    I wanted to accept them anyhow.
    I fathom which one to believe,
    When you said you love me or
    When you said you don't.
    When you said you won't leave me or when you left without a word.
    When a day without text was hard to pass or when days turned into months.
    Well, this wasn't promised by you,
    And not expected by me too.
    It's not your fault,
    It's all mine.
    To trust you again
    And accept all your lies.
    But now, now i know
    Forever is a lie.