• utkarshhsing 9w


    The play was real,
    Melancholy felt was a bit too much but real.

    The crowd was real,
    The abusing was a bit harassing but that was real too.
    You know, when i looked up and said "it'll be over soon",
    That felt so real and frictional at the same time
    That just a moment later I wasn't feeling any of it.
    Wasn't hearing any of it.
    And it all ended really soon and calmly,
    But every moment of even that was terrifying
    Maybe its just I was not in a very calming mood.

    The show ended
    The gathering stood up
    They clapped.
    I was a bit tensed but,
    Because i was still feeling the misery of the character,
    Which ended so bluntly
    Still, No one cares to even ask
    Was that real?
    They just needed to hear the snooth ending.

    It ended though
    I never left him.
    He's still here.