• feelavian 24w

    Gimme some time...

    I may not be gentle and genial
    I may not be that cool head
    driving even debonair men into diatribes

    I may be selfish
    I may be shabby and sloven
    Some times even petty and pervert

    I'm certainly not proud of those
    Its course, a river doesn't choose
    With neither the sense nor the intent
    She is forced to pass down the plane
    Pushed by heights and embraced by dents
    Awaken now and I stand
    With all willingness correct my stand

    Gimme some time
    Time to realize
    Time to refrain
    Time to re define
    Time to refine
    Time for the descend of the divine

    Let the true spirit blossom out in me bright 
    So that the evil and the ignorant that own my actions fade out in its light