• liam1227 10w

    Lost in you

    I can stare into your eyes for hours,
    Getting lost in your dreams.
    They are more beautiful than flowers,
    And more expressive than it seems.
    I found my future lying there,
    And cant wait for it to begin.
    Your love more important than air,
    You just need to let me in.
    I know that you have been hurt before,
    But with me that wont be a worry.
    For only your children could love you more,
    And I am in no great hurry.
    I want to be your best friend,
    And will be there in you need.
    And we both know we'll get there in the end,
    For we already planted that seed.
    All we need is to give it a chance,
    For I love you more than you can know.
    And one day soon you'll see me dance,
    For it has already begun to grow.
    I know right now you dont know what to do,
    Are scared and want to run.
    But I am already lost in you,
    For I know that you are the One.