• beesechurger 24w

    "Turn back the time"

    Every day and every night
    You are always at my sight
    Your beautiful face shines so bright
    It is a treasure to fight

    I do anything just to see you happy
    I love those cheeks that are fluffy
    Those eyes that are shiny
    Like a charm i am so lucky

    But one day I hear my phone rang at dawn
    Your mother told me you are gone
    I became so worried
    My eyes become wearied

    By that day I became so down
    my face turns into a frown
    I dont know what to do
    Without a single glance of you

    Im asking you why?
    Why did you leave me?
    I thought we are forever?
    But now i guess we cant be together

    Im still hoping you'll come back
    And holds my hand and pats my back
    To tell me your last word
    So for me not to ask lord

    I thought you will stay for long
    Is this where i belong?
    I am sorry im not that strong
    To be left alone i guess you are wrong

    How i wish i can turn back the time
    The time that we are together
    The time we believe that we are forever
    But now i guess it is never.