• shweta98 45w

    Dear Mom & Dad

    I'm sorry for the things I did.
    I behaved like a immature infant.
    I'm sorry for giving you so much tension.
    I'm sorry I never understood that I'm your life and I never thought about your sacrifices, about the things you did to me, how you teach me to walk-talk, how you teach me the meaning of life.
    I'm sorry I fought with you but you keep caring for me. I disconnected your phone calls but you never stop caring.
    I never thought that if I end my life now then how will you live. I did unfair with you. I never appreciated your big things. How you fulfilled all my wishes and never said a word against me.
    Mom, you gave me the love nobody in the world could give, the care and the affection.
    Dad, you fulfilled all my wishes, never denied what I asked.
    And the most part you keep me apart from the cruelties of the world, never gave a chance to people to hurt me.
    No matter how bad times you've been through, you never let me knew and kept smiling.
    Dad, the lessons you taught me at the time of graduation, they are so precious, they keep me going.
    I wont care if anybody in this world call me bad. I know you will never say that.

    And this is all matters, its all about us, at the end I just want us to be happy.You never want to see me unhappy so I will never be. And from today my first and foremost priority is you. To make you proud and fulfill all our dreams. Its all your happiness that matters. I dont care about anybody.