• roxana91 5w

    Throw the gun

    Wisdom is my sword,
    I don't need more weapons.
    We will fight as equals.

    I'm among the people
    About you think are easy prey,
    But nothing is what it seems,
    So be careful.

    You are afraid of death, wanting to live longer,
    If you throw your brother to the ground,
    Nothing makes you above your brother.

    I can be a stone,
    It will be hard to move,
    I will hold my breath,
    But I will not let my eyes tear blood.

    I do not fight for the reward,
    I will fight for love,
    Fighting for what I love,
    I will fight even with devil.

    I fight for justice,
    I want certainties,
    Not just deceptions
    That disappear in the bullets of the lies.

    I will not leave my dignity stained,
    The weapons only hurt,
    I surrender,
    If you throw the gun down.