• hel_13 5w

    Santa's cheeky elf's

    Hidden in the middle of the north pole,
    Santa and his army of elves are busy preparing for the big delivery.
    All have a special job to do and they do it so well.
    But there is two little elves that decided that they needed a spell.
    With big ideas and tricks up their sleeves, they sneek off with ease.
    The elf's were clever there's no doubt about that, they changed the wrappings on presents already in Santa's sleigh.
    After a bit of fun, they stumbled upon a small pile of presents left over from the big make.
    Neither a fan of wast, they did not hesitate. The cheeky elf's wrapped up the toys and sent them out for all the girls and boys in need of that special suprise.
    When Santa got back from emptying his sack, he called for the elf's.
    In fear of being in big trouble, they marched on the double to hear what the big man had to say.
    With a smile on Santa's he exclaimed 'My cheeky elf's, you've both have done well, same again next year please.'