• simon_rock_pujari 31w

    Bloody lies!

    I couldn't find the way, out of this mess
    What if i can't handle all these stress??
    Where is all the love gone??
    Will the pain be crumbling me still..till i'm no one??

    I tried to overlook all ur lies
    U've now become like a stranger in disguise
    Eyes like of a pretender!!
    Talks like of a lying counselor

    Everything seemed fine, I never thought anything about it
    Never thought our lives would be so tragic
    Guilt in our eyes
    Unforgetten..unseen..bloody lies

    I can't see, what touched our souls
    Forcing us to live life in complete fouls
    Why do we had to walk on total different paths??
    Which would only lead us to dark..regretting about past!!

    Know what u want to!! Do what u want to!! Whatever...i'm a fool!! i'm feeling blue
    I wont be there to stop or claim
    I wont be there to play the blame game
    All i want is u to change
    All i want is me to change
    Coz our lives are changing in different disgrace
    ┬ęsimon rock pujari