• warpedpoet 5w

    In passing

    I want to say I'm sorry,
    But a guilty conscience has no words,-
    It stutters, it stops.
    I should have checked up on you,
    Gifted you my time
    As little of it as I can afford to give.
    My I shoulds have no value now.
    They are but air exhaled
    From tortured lungs.

    These tears were not meant for you.
    There were mine,
    My very own solace in my nightmares,
    The children of my pain, my sorrows
    But now they fall from me for you.
    I cannot speak the words
    For you will never hear them.
    I cannot speak the words
    For you will never read them.

    I'm sorry for being so lost
    Within my own pain
    That I forgot that we all cry.
    I forgot that...
    I cannot speak the words.
    I can wipe my eyes and go back
    And reawaken and not miss you,
    And not remember you
    Believing that you are fine.

    I know someone is lying,
    Playing a joke,
    Pulling a fast one on me.
    It is hard to believe.
    I cannot touch the pain.
    It is swollen and red, it throbs
    And a little press it could burst.
    I want someone to curse me,
    Scream at me and shame me.

    Sleep like a cocoon,
    Dream like a pupa,
    Wake up as a butterfly
    With iridescent wings.
    Live on and be beautiful.
    I'll miss you, God knows.