• sumaira_19 4w

    A ballad

    The last ecstatic twilight met a tragic end
    When I's meant to hold on my restlessness
    I silenced my wails and groans
    To let not this secret
    Be the most favored for round tables
    I stifled a tear from oozing out of my eye
    I held my breath of sigh
    Lest they'll come to know
    The reality behind my deafening palpitations
    That chirping birdie
    Of blessed garden I knew was caged then
    When I longed to hear it from my core
    The tweets went away
    Ah! Hopeless I was
    Yet the memories began to imprison me
    And threw me into the abyss of obsession
    Where my sunken self lost the taste of life
    Wherefore, the once stone hearted felt the delicacy of attachment
    Wherefore, the stillness broke into the piercing sounds
    I's blazed to ashes by my own burnt flames of instincts
    And the incisions met the salt of ruthless people around