• rabbi06 5w

    Little bit of sunshine

    The room filled with crying grace,
    heavy breath pacing every space,
    looking for miracle in this hopeless place,
    asking God your angel not to take.
    With piece of wire life trying to save.
    People in white dress asked you to be brave,
    every pinch of faith you already gave.
    even sin and pride learned to lave.
    Everyday, angel's battle getting harder,
    belief and piety are getting smaller.
    holding the angle's hand you stand taller,
    palm of miracle held you tighter.
    Fighting against the enemy you cant see,
    with the dark angel they sent a plea,
    In the life of your angel they hold the key,
    they can make you cry on your knee.
    Life has sent thunderstorm in a perfect day,
    painted the room with a shade of gray.
    With the luck of the draw you asked to play,
    so you looked for clover leaf along the way.
    You asked for a sun in a stormy cloud,
    saying your prayer and getting loud.
    Searching for life in dreadful crowd,
    with father of heaven you had vowed.
    In the window pane seeking for a bit of sunshine,
    telling God, " it is not time for the angel to see your shrine",
    give us hope even just a misty sign,
    just dont take the little angel of mine.
    Unendlessly saying hail with tears that shed,
    "God, lend us your almighty hand", you said,
    lift us from the ground of dread,
    save this angel from the dying bed.
    Holding to the faith that you built in thread
    reminding that, when there's hunger God will give us bread,
    in every fall of tear God will lay a shred,
    when in weary gives us propitious pled.
    With his promises to the comfort you will be led.