• zanieike 9w

    Endless love

    The spark that lit my hope
    Providing a nimbus glow to my soul.
    A friend in a dark place,
    Guiding my path and protecting me
    from the traps of my enemies

    Droplets of your affection
    Could fill the hole in my broken heart
    Overflowing with happiness,
    Cascading with joy ,
    And dispersing traces of depression in me

    A shining star in my life,
    You show me the light
    At the end of the tunnel,
    Your words are rare gems to me
    Each meant to show me the road to success.

    On the days of my tribulation,
    You calm the raging sea and
    You do not allow calamity to overcome me,
    Thank you my dear friend
    Your Love is endless.