• believer_ 10w

    Yup . You have broken me so badly . But why i am putting allegations on you . Your responsibilities come before me . As i promised you I'll be only yours life time . If my body won't be yours but my soul will always be yours . Still i remember that day when you proposed me and your dialogues . Every time you said something nd i said , ����; dialogue mt maro ." I know how much pain you have ? Nd that's why you can't feel my pain . I know you haven't time to give me time . Thought of losing you make me frightened. But now i got if you are only mine then why i am threatening. Many more times you said , " i am not good for you." But only you are the one who will keep me safe from this darkened world . I remember 31 st December on that day you said , you are the beautiful gift i ever get. ; you have lost everything now you lost your beautiful gift too. still I remember that day on which you went to the sea shore nd you called me . Nd i said what are you doing ? Nd you said i am thinking that i deserve your love or not ? You know what i am missing most is your yawns . Your snorting voice in night .�� ;Nind aari meko ��. Your cutest i love you . When you call me 'Jaahna ' .this name is too special to me cuz this name was given by 'AMMY' to you nd you call me by this name . Plz never ever don't give this name to anyone .When you act like me . And when we talk with each other starting with hmmmm 10 mins just with hmmm. I am missing everything. I love to be ready for you nd show you what i never told you.
    Many more times i doubted on you but you said,; i can cheat but i can't cuz i love a fuddu na ���� You know what the thing which makess me laugh more is your childhood incidences specially when you say ,���� main bohat mota tha .; When you asked me for the pic with the toothbrush in early morning nd i was like pagal to nhi ho gya . nd the thing which makes me cry is your anger nd when you talk about a girl or ex . Sometimes your crazy questions ����;you'll sleep by putting your head on my chest�� . Still i remember you were sleeping nd call was on nd some kind of pain rose in my leg nd my voice listned you . Nd you was like diksha diksha . Now these things make me cry . Your mad wishes like payal pehn k dikhao na . Nd my mad habits like whenever i wash my hairs i sent you pic . You never restricted me even though you didn't like it . But i love when you restrict me for something. I am sorry for everything. Sometimes i became crazy nd you handled me . I have many reminiscents given by you . It hurt me alot when you said my love is addiction. If i sit beside mobile whole night with teary eyes then how can you say this ? Everyone is not like 1000 na . If i care for you how can you say this ? If i yearn for just single talk how can you say this ? I know i am kinda mad , immature. You said let me die in shame . But it's not for you it's for me cuz i never understood you . Shayad meri wish wish hi reh jayegi muze tumhe bhindi khilani thi mere haat ki . I know it won't give the taste like AMMY'S bhindi but although... you know what now i am in love with AMMY too. I know you wont read this . These are my feelings. Love you forever .


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