• eramsaba 9w


    When the sky is filled with all the stars,
    And the weather is not this harsh.

    When every animal is been sheltered.
    When they are lose free of all the helters.

    When the flocks have their nest in trees intact.
    to give birth, to nap, to rest on the bract.

    When the oceans are filled with only fishes.
    No spills, no plastic of the selfish riches.

    When the tress are not being chopped.
    to make your roads and your plots.

    When the air is fresh to breath,
    No pollution and no disease.

    When the food is free from pesticides.
    Only then will I testify,

    That, the humans are good at heart and mind,
    To make this world, fair and fine.

    Fest is the occasion to show some love,
    Be humane, oh humans, rise high and above.

    Lets take this oath to make this place a better Earth,
    To show your worth, to wipe out all the shit done to her.

    The time is now and the need of an hour,
    Clean up the mess, lets stop this devour.

    Start with your homes, teach your peer.
    Nuture, protect, feed, repeat oh my dear.